Eudora removed from Computer Rooms

Lab Management has removed Eudora from all computer rooms. In the past we supported a "mobile" configuration of Eudora where our clients saved their email on a floppy disk. Although this solution had some problems (floppies are not too reliable and the mailbox size was limited to 1.4MB) we felt it was important to allow clients to check their email from our rooms.
Last year IET rolled out Geckomail, a web based email package. Geckomail allows clients to easily check their email from anywhere, without the problems of using Eudora with a floppy. Therefore, we are now supporting Geckomail as a means for clients to check email from our computer rooms.
Lab Management recommends that clients use Eudora on their home computer as their main email station. And when they are anywhere else, including the computer rooms, we suggest they use Geckomail to check their email.

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