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Printing in the Computer Rooms

IET Computer Room Printing Policies

Black and White Printing Rate

In order to encourage responsible printing, reduce paper waste, and control costs, the campus has established a printing rate for all printing. The price for black-and-white printing is 11 cents per sheet regardless if the printing is single-sided or double-sided. However, IET will waive printing charges for clients who print only a few sheets per quarter since it is not cost effective to bill such small amounts.

Color Printing Rate

Color printing is available in the open access rooms: IET Media Lab (2101 SCC), 182 Shields, 102 Wellman, 78 Hutchison & 15 Olson and in the computer classrooms: 2102 SCC, 2103 SCC & 93 Hutchison at a cost of $1.00 per page. Color printing is priced per side, meaning a two-sided color printout costs $2. Color printing is billed on a separate account from regular black and white printing.

More information

The following web pages were created to address any questions that computer room users may have in relation to printing:

Printing Rules:

Printing in the computer room is governed by several rules listed below:

  • Test printing is highly discouraged. Use Print Preview.
  • Only the Computer Room Consultant is allowed to add or replace paper. No user supplied paper is allowed.
  • Take only your own print outs
  • If you have many pending print jobs the queue may move some to the end so other users' print jobs are not overly delayed.
  • The Computer Room Consultant has authority to cancel any large (more than 20 pages) or time consuming print jobs.